Wine is wine

Some super deep bits about wine

Blah blah blah wine is good and I like to drink lots and lots of wine.

There really are only three kinds of wine. Actually. seventythree. No. Three:

Sometimes, the third category of wine needs to be prioritized based on the parent's position in your world:

  1. Immediate blood relative
  2. Relatives by marriage

If you receive two bottles of wine — one from a blood relative, and one from a relative by marriate — you can shift the wine from the relative by marriage into the bad category if and only if it is acutally bad.

Help figuring out which wine is good

This table will tell you everything you need to know. Actually, it won't tell you anything at all that's worth reading.

Wine Year Was it good?
2001 Fine
2002 Poopy
2003 Why did they grow grapes?
2004 Orgasmic

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